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Astrud PWDs

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About PWDs
If you've done much research, you'll likely have heard that PWDs are not suitable for everyone. They do command an enormous amount of time and attention--sort of the moral equivalent of having a permanent two-year-old in the house.
This breed is very high energy, definitely needs a lot of obedience training, and can be destructive and difficult if not adequately exercised mentally and physically. Some PWDs (though not all) are fairly reactive dogs and not necessarily tolerant of children, other dogs, and strangers.

That being said, if the breed is right for you, you'll never want anything else. I absolutely adore them. Adding a PWD to the household is much like adding a very brash two-year-old to the family. They take a lot of dedication, but will reward you with unfailing attention and an incredible joie de vivre.
For PWD history and the PWDCA official breed description, click here.
Information on health testing and genetic diseases in the PWD is here. Or visit the PWDCA health information pages.
A cool video of PWDs swimming in the sea on the Portuguese coast, including some great underwater footage of dogs retrieving, is here.
For information on PWD grooming with illustrations of the various coats types and clips, click here. Print the grooming guide and give it to the groomer to be sure you take home a PWD and not a poodle or bichon or bedlington!