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Astrud PWDs

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Mimi is the fireball from Bella's litter with Spencer born May 5, 2008, sister to Pansy. She is Astrud Reese's Piece of Me, named after her surrogate mother, the Malinois Reese. Mimi is a curly black girl with a small white spot on her chest. She's a nice working dog, and cute as a button. For the story of our PWD litter raised by a Malinois, click here.
She is affectionately, and more correctly, know as ME ME, since indeed it is all about her at all times. Mimi lives with and is co-owned by Reese's owner Shannen in Hood River, and is following in her mother's footsteps with Shannen starting her in nose work and tracking, as well as obedience. Mimi started in the breed ring late 2012, and over halfway to her AKC Championship after winning a 5 pt major in Portland in January 2013. After maternity leave, we hope to continue her conformation showing and start tracking.
Mimi pictures
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