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Astrud PWDs

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Bella and Mico
Bella and Spencer
Pansy and Docker
Mimi and Docker
Mimi and Sinta
Health testing
Bella and Spencer-- Reese's Pieces
Bella's second litter was born in May 5, 2008, and was sired by Spencer. Spencer is MBIS MBISS CH Freestyle Ocean Breeze WWD AOMs. He is a black wavy boy, and at 21.5" and 65 lbs is an impressive fellow. He was bred by Jane Freeman out of Daisy (CH Cutwater Rise and Shine CD MX AXJ AD OAC OJC NGC JWD BROM) and Jarod (CH Pinehaven the Pretender NA NAJ AWD BROM).

We had 5 puppies in this litter, two of which were placed in homes that have a puppy from Bella’s first litter. Jack went to live with big brother Toby, and Pilot lives with big brother Nemo. Once you develop a taste for this breed, it’s hard to stop at just one! The litter consisted of all-black puppies, two curly girls and three wavy boys. Pansy is the girl we kept here at home, and Mimi  lives with her REAL mother in Hood River. Pansy from this litter is an AKC Champion.



Spencer is a special boy—really quite remarkable in his accomplishments. He took BOB and Working Group 1 and 2 at the AKC Eukanuba National Championships in January and December 2006, as well as BOB at Westminster in 2005, 2006, and 2007, including a Group 4 in 2006. He was also the 2008 PWDCA National Specialty Best of Breed. He has won four All-breed Best in Shows, 36 Working Group firsts, 160 Group placements, and 290(!) Best of Breeds. He has other breed ring accomplishments too many to list. In addition, he is also a great working dog! After retiring from the breed ring (and getting rid of some hair), he passed Apprentice and Working Water Dog and is currently in training in agility and water with his owner Jane Freeman.


This very special litter was the object of much good karma. All ended well, with healthy pups and mothers, and new friendships as well. Bella had a C-section due to puppies in distress (we did lose one, a very small girl), and ended up with intra-abdominal bleeding and very nearly died. After a transfusion and emergency surgery and week-long hospitalization, she was physically unable to care for the puppies. I was bracing to take care of a litter of orphaned pups the day they were born, when a miraculous turn of events saved the day (and the pups). A wonderful Malinois named Reese, owned by Shannen at Pilchuck Vet Hospital, had just had a litter 6 days premature and had lost all but one. Shannen suggested that we try the surrogate route, so we introduced the pups to Reese at Pilchuck. She took to them immediately—the look on her face was remarkable when she saw the pups. The tension seemed to melt from her body as she finally found the puppies she’d been missing. The litter was named “Reese’s Pieces” in her honor.



Bella had to stay at Pilchuck for a week, and then she went straight down to Portland to recuperate with  our very generous relatives. Reese and her preemie pup came to live at our house where we successfully nursed her to health with round-the-clock care, and Reese raised a beautiful litter of five black PWDs and one brown Malinois. Reese is such a wonderful dog, and it is beyond lucky that all came together as it did. Mimi now lives with her mother Reese and owner Shannen in Hood River. Reese has a particular fondness for PWDs now, and the pups definitely love brown dogs with erect ears! 



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For a cute video of the PWDs playing tug with their Malinois sister, click here.



And for a graphic demonstration of how to belly up to the milk bar, click here.



Spencer x Bella pedigree.